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CliniClean is a versatile, antiseptic solution containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4% (CHG), which is the most effective disinfectant available for the skin. When used repeatedly, CliniClean is proven to leave the skin free of microorganisms and is Odorless and Dye-Free

Prevention starts here

How is CliniClean used

Patient Pre-op Prep

Cleansing the skin with ClinilClean prior to surgery kills bacteria that could cause an infection and helps prevent infection at the surgical site. 1

General Skin & Wound Cleanser

Incorporating CliniClean into a post-op routine for all patients continues the prevention of HAIs and SSIs and is especially beneficial for ICU, limited mobility, central line, and catheterized patients. 2

Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash

Routine cleansing of the hands in a healthcare setting is required whenever they are visibly dirty, before eating, and after using the restroom. Incorporating CliniClean into all handwashing protocols will help reduce the risk of the spread of HAIs and SSIs. 3

Surgical Hand Scrub

Using ClinilClean as part of the surgical hand scrub prior to surgery, reduces the release of skin bacteria from the hands for the duration of the procedure in the event of an unnoticed perforation of the surgical gloves. 3

1Patient Pre-Op: Kaiser Permanente, Preparing the Skin before Surgery – Care Instructions



Healthcare Providers

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