Defense When It Matters

Despite advances in infection prevention, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continue to increase, proving costly for healthcare facilities and leading to patient illness and death.


Hospital onset MRSA
increased 14% between
2020-2021 1

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1 in 31 patients in a hospital facility have an HAI. 2
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HAls in the US cost hospitals at least $28.4 billion per year! 1
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HAls cost society $12.4 billion from early deaths and lost productivity 1


Chemically binds to the surface of the skin, creating a persistence and residual bacterial kill effect not seen in alcohol or iodine.

Broad spectrum

Effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria; including MRSA, Staph and E. Coli.


Starts to work on contact, a critical property for successful
infection control.


Dye-free and odorless to prevent the breaking down of healthy skin, ideal for patients with sensitivities

Committed to your protection

CliniClean is a true antiseptic solution containing 4% CHG (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) which is the most effective disinfectant available for the skin. This versatile solution is clinically proven to continue fighting germs for hours after you wash and show a reduction of bacteria on the skin.

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